How Technology Specialists Help With Computer Recycling in Alsip, IL

Buying a computer is exciting, but often presents a new problem – what to do with the old, non-working machine? Many customers are surprised to find that local technology specialists, such as BLH Computers in Alsip, are also experts at computer recycling. In fact, they are a full-service business that offers a variety of solutions, including:

  • ECO-FRIENDLY DISPOSAL: BLH Computers, Inc. has one of the largest recycling facilities in the Alsip area, and processes more than 1.8 million pounds of material each year. This plays an important part in keeping the environment safe and clean, since old technology does not end up in landfills. It also keeps toxic metals and other substances out of the earth. In addition, BLH offers pick up and drop off service in some areas. Some of the items the facility can recycle include desktops, laptops, tablets, VCR’s, DVD players, speakers, and smart phones.
  • REPAIRS: For customers who want to try to fix old equipment, rather than choose
  • computer recycling in Alsip, IL,
  • technicians provide a complete repair service. They can diagnose and restore laptops, desktops, smart phones, and more. Professionals can replace laptop screens, and even resolve the “blue screen of death”. They can solve audio, video, and power issues, and back up data. The business also provides parts and accessories for computers. These include graphics cards, mice, keyboards, laptop adapters, cables, and more.
  • SALES: BLH professionals also sell a wide range of reconditioned laptop and desktop computers. All of them include Windows operating systems, antivirus software, and the latest updates. Technicians also include office productivity software, at no additional charge. Their inventory includes most popular brands, including IBM/Lenovo, Dell, and Gateway. Every computer BLH sells comes with a guarantee, and technicians will repair the computers if there is a problem. In addition, the company sells pre-owned monitors that have been tested and are warrantied to be in good condition.

Many Alslip-area residents rely on the environmentally-friendly specialists at BLH Computers, Inc. to recycle their old technology. These customers also depend on BLH technicians to provide professional repairs, and offer a wide range of quality refurbished computers for sale.

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