How to Beat the Next Blackout: The Ultimate Power Generators Richmond Guide

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Electrical

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Power grid glitches and Mother Nature have contributed to many American households being without power for varying periods. As a result, cell phones cannot be recharged, homes have to be lit by flashlight, and there are huge losses occurring due to spoiled food. Many people are finally asking is this the perfect time to purchase a backup generator? In addition, how does one select the right generator?

Purchasing one can be complicated, considering the huge list of jargon terms and complex calculations of appliance wattage. Generators can also be dangerous pieces of machinery. The most common type is the portable, which carries with it the risk of poisoning by carbon monoxide. Such units run on gasoline, and should be placed some distance away from the home. It is also advisable to locate a safe place to store the gasoline-since in the event of a blackout; gas stations might not be operational or accessible.

For solid advice on generators, you should check out trusty Power Generators Richmond guides such as this one. One of the first steps is to estimate the power you will require during a blackout. Such information can be gathered from various consumer reports. For example, the standard electric light is mostly under 100 watts, a fridge is between 600 to 700 watts, and water pumps at 1,000 watts. AC units consume roughly about 1,000 watts for the smaller ones while larger units can suck upwards of 3,000 watts.

Before carrying out the calculations on electricity needs of all appliances in your home, identify those that are important during an emergency. A typical household will require the fridge to be running (to avoid food spoiling), a few lights, a TV and computer, and certainly to charge cell phones.

For a majority of households, mid-size portable units of 5,000 to 6,000 watts should suffice. They will allow you to run a couple of appliances including a small AC unit, portable electric heater, or fridge. However, you might not be able to purchase the right one right away, so ensure to consult with professionals like RK Newman Electric Services Inc. for advice.

Many Power Generators Richmond Guides will also offer you the option of stationary units that have the ability to kick on automatically in the event of a blackout. They are also more powerful (usually 10,000 watts and up), allowing you to keep most of the household appliances running.

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