How to Best Prepare for San Antonio Interior Painting

Painting the walls of the home can take a long time, which can cause you a lot of stress and take up a lot of time you could be spending on other things. If you are thinking about painting one room or your home or several, it can be best to hire professional San Antonio interior painting contractors. You can make the job of your painters easier when you learn how to prep your walls before they arrive, helping you save money.

Remove Obstacles

If you already live in the home, there are likely many personal belongings that are in the way. You will need to remove everything from the walls, such as pictures or shelves. Make sure you take out any nails as well. You can make the painter’s job even easier by patching the holes. In addition to clearing off the walls, you should also move all furniture away from the wall. It is even better if you can remove the furniture from the room altogether.

Clean the Walls

No matter which room of the home you are painting, dust and debris can build up over the walls. Therefore, you need to at least wipe down the walls with a clean, dry towel before San Antonio interior painting. If there is anything that cannot be removed by simply wiping down the wall, you can use a cleaner on the wall. However, it is best to use plain water if possible so you don’t leave a residue on the walls.

Anti-Microbial Agent

If you will be painting in a damp room of the home, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, it is important to use an anti-microbial agent on the walls before the painting process. You can also use a bleach solution in place of this agent. The purpose of treating the walls with this agent is to ensure no mold or mildew is present underneath the layer of paint before the painting is complete.

While the painters you hire will be able to perform all the preliminary steps, you can save money on your San Antonio interior painting by performing some of these steps on your own before they arrive. First, you should remove everything from the walls and the furniture that is close to the walls. Then you should clean the walls and treat them with an anti-microbial agent, if necessary. Completing these steps ahead of time will save the painters time and you money.

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