How to Choose an Asphalt Columbus Paving Contractor

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Not all paving contractors are alike, even in Columbus. Take your time in choosing the right contractor for your needs. Here are some tips on how to choose the right Asphalt Columbus paving contractor for you.

If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Is!

If you ever hear about low-cost asphalt or other paving material being left over from another job, be on your guard. Scammers will check for paving jobs near them and then contact business or homes in the area and offer the very low-cost paving material. All you have to do is give them money now. They take off with the money and you never see any paving material.

Get Written Estimates

The age of verbal estimates is long gone. Always get a written and itemized estimate from a contractor for your paving job. Some companies offer free estimates. It’s best to get estimates from three or more contractors before making your selection. You can see right away if the estimate is way too high or suspiciously low. Read the estimate carefully to be sure it includes how thick the paving will be, how many square footage it covers and how long the job should take. Contracts will be based on the estimate. When you sign a contract, you are basically saying that you carefully read and understand everything in the contract.

In Good Standing With the BBB

Check out the website for the Central Ohio Better Business Bureau to locate BBB accredited paving contractor and to see that your prospective contractor hasn’t recently lost their accreditation. You can also see if there are many complaints against the contractor. Paving contractors do not have to be accredited with the BBB in order to operate in Ohio.

Ask for References

Good paving contractors will be happy to provide you with references of their satisfied customers. Take the time to contact each of these references and ask whether that person would ever hire the contractor ever again. Also ask if the contractors acted professionally and cleaned up after themselves. Some contractors may be able to take you to one of their past jobs so that you can check out for yourself the quality of their work.

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