How to Choose Beautiful Entrance Doors

Entrance doors accentuate a residence to the point of almost changing the way it looks completely. Many designs have started incorporating different types of entrance doors, but the standard is usually something simple and elegant. Double doors are great for entrances and, if they are designed right, they can look amazing. Keeping in mind the aesthetic value of an entrance, the doors must reflect on the whole house and, at the same time, blend in well with the surrounding decor. There are a few things you should look at when choosing entrance doors.


A well-built entrance door will stand the test of time. In Indiana, it’s relatively easy to find great entrance doors that are well crafted. Wooden doors tend to work better for a more organic feel to the house. They usually fit with most outdoor decors and, at the same time, provide a bit of earthy balance to the look of the building. Hardwood doors are pest resistant and last longer than softwood doors, but are usually much harder to install because of their weight. Metal and Aluminum doors don’t work very well as entrance doors since they lack the ability to blend in well with certain types of exterior decor, such as hardwood decking.

Single or Double Doors

Single doors have been the standard for residential entries, but they are quickly being replaced by double doors. Many newer houses are built for taking double doors for the entry way, and the reason is obvious. Double doors give a building a much more welcoming facade than single doors. There have been a few designers that have gone for scaled French doors as entry ways, and they look great when they’re installed. Double doors tend to cost more than single doors, but they allow for a larger entry way, as well as give the building a different feel. A single door entry is still usable, but if you have the option to go for double doors, you should take it.

Entrance doors are the first thing that a person approaching your house will see. Most people’s first impression of a place usually stays with them for a lifetime, so having a great presentation is one of the most important things when designing a house. The striking look of entrance doors can make or break a person’s opinion of the building. Entrance doors should blend seamlessly with the exterior decor while, at the same time, allow the building to feel welcoming. When the entire front of the building is designed, it’s likely that the addition of a patio or porch could accentuate the entrance doors further. Remember, first impressions do count, so don’t hesitate to make your first impression as impressive as it can be. Visit Nick’s Building website for more information.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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