How to Choose Hearing Aid Devices in Houston, TX

Hearing loss can have a devastating impact on the social life and ability to function of those suffering from the disorder. Thankfully, today’s technologies provide a wide range of practical solutions. Hearing Aid devices in Houston, TX can restore a patient’s ability to communicate with family and friends, watch his or her favorite shows on television, listen to music, and more. The range of devices available can seem a little bit overwhelming for those purchasing hearing aids for the first time. An audiologist can help patients to determine which option will best suit their ear shape and lifestyle, but it can be helpful to understand the basic categories of hearing aids available prior to having this important discussion.

Wireless Hearing Aids

Wireless technology, when used in hearing aid applications, allows the two separate devices to operate together. Using this technology the sound input to each hearing aid can be combined, synchronizing sound processing between the wearer’s ears. This leads to improved sound quality and ease of determining the source of sounds.

iPhone Hearing Aids

Some wireless hearing aids can be equipped to connect directly to the wearer’s iPhone using blue-tooth technology. This allows users to easily change the settings on one or both hearing aids right from their phone using an easy to understand user interface.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Some patients are put off by the idea of getting fitted for hearing aids because they believe that there is a stigma around them. Although there’s nothing wrong with making use of beneficial medical technologies to improve hearing, or other aspects of modern life, these patients may be interested in invisible hearing aids. Devices that are intended to sit completely in the patient’s ear canal are almost undetectable to the naked eye due to their smaller size. However, this comes with disadvantages as well. The batteries are also smaller, making them harder to change.

Not all hearing aid devices in Houston, TX can provide the right solution for all patients. An audiologist must conduct hearing tests and help patients to choose the options that are right for them. Contact Texas Professional Hearing Center in Houston, TX to take the first step toward better hearing and schedule an evaluation.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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