How to Find a Pet-Friendly Community in Kansas City, MO

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Apartments

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When you need to move, you don’t want anyone in your family to get left behind and that includes pets. Renting with pets can be difficult, which is why it is so important to find a pet-friendly community in Kansas City, MO. Here are a few tips about how to find out if a community is pet-friendly or not.

Ask Before Viewing

The number one way to find out if a prospective apartment is pet-friendly is to ask before you schedule a viewing. Don’t worry about asking because you won’t offend anyone. The person renting out the apartment won’t want to waste time at a viewing for a person who definitely won’t move in, and you don’t want to visit an apartment where you know your pets won’t be welcome.

That being said, needing to personally ask every listing if they allow pets can be difficult.

Go Through an Agency or Co-Op

A more efficient way to find a pet-friendly community in Kansas City, MO, is to go through an apartment agency or company, such as a co-op. These living arrangements usually have websites where they list important information in detail, including whether or not they are pet-friendly. That way, you can immediately see if your pets will be welcome.

Check Out the Amenities on Offer

True pet-friendly communities don’t just allow pets. They have amenities designed for pets in mind, such as the dog spa at Crossroads Westside. You want your pet to feel as welcome as you do!

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