How To Minimize the Need for Air Conditioner Services

Air conditioners are essential to keeping your sanity during the hot summer months. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know how to properly maintain them. By the time you go searching for Air Conditioner Services in your area, there are many different things you could have done to prevent the break down.

Step One: Pull the Plug For safety reasons, always make sure the power supply to your appliance is cut off before you begin to do any Air Conditioner Services.

Step Two: Clean Up Around Your Air Conditioner Clean up any litter that’s immediately around your machine. Rake away leaves and trim grass and weeds growing around the air conditioner. Ideally, any foliage you have in your yard should be at least three feet from the machine.

Step Three: Clean the Outside Use a small brush to clean up any dust and debris that has gotten caught in the many different dips and curves. Clean everything that you can see before moving on to the inner parts of the air conditioner.

Step Four: Replace the Filter The most important part of your air conditioner is the filter. However, it can very easily become clogged and dirty. When this happens, it prevents the air conditioner from working properly by blocking airflow. The entire machine is then affected. Filters can be found in many different locations depending on the type of machine, so you will need to check your owner’s manual to locate it. You will want to replace your filter every single month that the conditioner is in use and before you begin to use it in the summer.

Step Five: Clean the Coils While a clean filter will help prevent the coils from becoming dirty quickly, every day use will still cause dirt build up on the coils. This step goes along with replacing the filter to keep the machine working properly. The coils are located on the inside of the machine and are easy to clean. Keep the motor covered to protect it and simply hose down the coils with a garden hose.

Step Six: Hire a Professional Don’t be afraid to hire a professional if you need help. Look for someone who offers emergency services and free estimates, such as Four Seasons Heating and Cooling Specialists Inc. Ask if they have any tips and tricks to help you maintain your machine.

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