How to Prepare Your Child for the Visit to Kids Dentistry in Lincoln Square

If your child has never been seen by the dentist before, he or she may feel a little uneasy and even nervous about the visit. This is a normal feeling for young children to have and is to be expected. Over time, your child will begin to feel more comfortable in going to the dentist and may even look forward to it. These tips can help to prepare your child for seeing the Kids dentistry in Gainesville office for the first time. By preparing your child for what to expect, you can help to set his or her mind at ease and give them confidence in what will occur.

Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for His or Her First Dental Appointment

Ideally, your child should begin seeing the dentist around the age of one. Many parents end up waiting to take their child to the dentist until around the time they begin attending school. If your child is school aged and has not seen the dentist yet, it can be a scary experience. By working with your child and helping him or her to understand what will happen, you can make the experience fun and exciting.

To ensure your child is ready to see the Kids dentistry Lincoln Square dentist, it can help to first talk to your child about the importance of good oral health. You may want to pick up a couple of books from the library on dentists, but make sure the books are easy to read and have fun and inviting pictures. Reading these stories with your child will allow you to begin talking about the subject of him or her seeing the dentist and what will take place.

Explaining the dental visit can often be done much easier through role playing. Allow your child to act as the dentist and work on cleaning and examining your teeth. You can then show your child how it will feel to have an exam by being the dentist and letting him or her be the patient. This will set your child’s mind at ease and may help them to feel excited about going to the dentist. For more information on what to expect from your appointment, visit Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square for more details.

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