How to Spruce up your Living Room on a Budget

When you are looking for ideas to spruce up your living room on a budget there are a number of ideas from paint to Furniture Ottawa homeowners can use:

Paint: You can really change the mood of a room by adding a new paint colour. You can choose to add a focal point with an accent wall or do the entire room. You can take inspiration from the furniture Ottawa homeowners already have in the room or consider what mood you want to create. Warm, neutrals can update a room, whereas pastels can help open up the space with an airy feel. You can also look at brights in purer tones to add some vibrancy and excitement.

Accessorize: Sometimes it just takes a little layering and punches of colour and interest to upgrade the look of a room. Tossing some throw cushions on your couch and chairs in bright geometric patterns is an instant update. New curtains can bring in more colour and texture to a room and make it appear more finished. Area rugs are the perfect way to ground a room with a sense of style using texture, patterns and colour. The addition of new lamps on your end tables adds a sense of cosiness while offering a sculptured detail to the room.

Sofa: If you are happy with the room but find your sofa is looking a little tired, buying a new sofa can make a huge impact. Look for furniture Ottawa shops offer in neutral tones that will blend in with your current wall colour. Consider a sectional sofa to completely change the configuration of your room or the addition of a sofa, loveseat set for a uniform look. You can buy and sell furniture in Ottawa to make money for your replacement sofa.

Accent Chair: An accent chair or two can change a room instantly by providing a new focal point and a splash of colour. Have fun with the furniture Ottawa stores sell and look for something that will really wake up the room. Bright reds, geometric patterns or even a shock of black can give a boring room a new lease on life.

Paint out Trim: If you have dark wood or coloured trim in your living room painting it out in white can make a huge difference. It will accent the details of the room with a crisp clean look to add definition and depth.

These simple ideas offer affordable ways to update your living room using the accessories and furniture Ottawa shops like Simply Wood offer.
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