Ice Sculptures in Bronx, NY Make Great Conversation Pieces

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Business

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Are you planning a large party or elegant event and in need of some ideas to enhance your gala? Maybe you are planning a grand wedding or having an after-party? If so, one of the biggest hits at such events these days are ice sculptures. Ice sculptures capture the attention of people because they aren’t something you would see on a regular basis. There is so much you can do with them, centerpieces at your events or statues that might relate to the event you are having. People want to touch it, take a picture beside it or anything just to commemorate the uniqueness of the sculpture.

chilly willy & cool carl’s ice service, located in New York does Ice sculptures in Bronx, NY. A few things you might have questions about concerning your ice sculptures are answered here:

(1) Some people want to know if the sculptures are really ice. Yes, they really are ice as you will see when they melt. The ice sculpture comes with a drip pan to catch the water as the ice melts.

(2) Are ice sculptures “green,” in other words, environmentally friendly? Yes, they are, and most of the drip pans are made from recycled plastic, not to mention that when your sculpture melts, all you have is water, which is very easy and much needed for the environment.

(3) Some people wonder about the cost of ice sculptures. They are rather cost effective compared to other things people use at events, like flowers.

(4) A real question that many are anxious to have answered is the longevity of the ice; after all, it is ice. An ice sculpture will last approximately 5-7 hours in a controlled room temperature environment, plenty of time for any event you might plan.

chilly willy & cool carl’s ice service for your next Ice sculptures in Bronx, NY. In addition to ice sculptures, they also provide dry ice, regular ice and ice melt products. They offer 24/7 service for most of the metropolitan NYC areas such as the Bronx, Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield counties. To get your ice or ice products, visit them today at their website,

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