Improve Your Kitchen or Workshop with Under Cabinet Lighting

Have you ever worked in the kitchen and needed a little more light? Maybe it’s time to finally do something about it? You can find many types of light fixtures for your kitchen and under cabinet lighting has much to offer. In fact, it comes with a lot of benefits.

Simple Installation

Installing your new lights is simple. For example, when you go with fluorescent or LED under the cabinet fixtures, there’s no need to turn off the power and tap into an electrical source. Your new fixtures are easily mounted with screws, and you simply plug them into a nearby receptacle.

Are you limited on kitchen electrical outlets? If so, choose a fixture with an auxiliary outlet. This gives you an additional source of power. You won’t have to run extension cords, which can get in the way.

Get Rid of Shadows

It’s not easy to see what you’re doing when your ceiling lights create shadows. Quality under cabinet lighting eliminates most shadows, so you can use your knife with confidence and not worry about cutting yourself. It’s easier to see everything in front of you when you have sufficient light.


Do you want a light you can leave on all night? If so, choose something with 200 lumens of illumination or less. Maybe you need to brighten up your workspace. Go with 1100 lumens or more. Do you want a light with virtually no maintenance? If so, choose LED under cabinet lighting.

Benefits of LED

LED is more energy efficient than fluorescent light fixtures. Plus, you won’t have to change bulbs for a very long time. For example, a fluorescent tube might last 7000 hours. That’s nothing compared to 100,000 hours of service you get with many LED bulbs today. Check with your lighting supplier, for more information. A trusted supplier offers many choices and expert advice.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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