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Are you searching for an emergency care or walk-in medical clinic to care for your family? Many walk-in clinics also provide Pediatric Urgent Medical Care In Smithtown, NY. In addition to pediatric care, urgent care clinics also provide a variety of services for the entire family. Many people are not aware of the wide variety of services and conditions that urgent care clinics can treat. Becoming familiar with the services available at your local urgent care clinic could save you or a loved one from an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. Another benefit to visiting an urgent care clinic is that they tend to have much longer business hours than most primary doctors. If an illness were to occur on the weekend, or when your primary doctor is closed, a visit to an urgent care clinic will ensure you get the necessary treatment when you need it.

In addition to providing urgent care treatment, walk-in clinics also provide many routine types of care as well. Urgent care centers are staffed by physicians who are board certified in emergency medicine, so you can feel secure in the treatment you will receive. Many of the treatments offered at urgent care clinics are for health care you may not have realized were available without a visit to the ER. For example, urgent care clinics can provide care for fractures, as well as X-rays, stitches, intravenous fluids, routine lab tests, rapid lab tests, and antibiotics. Even better, most urgent care clinics provide these services seven days a week.

The treatments listed above are nowhere near the only services available at urgent care clinics. In addition to the above items, you can also receive treatment for the following ailments by visiting a walk-in clinic:

-Sinus infections, pneumonia, colds and flu

-Bacterial and viral infections, including urinary tract infections

-Allergies and asthma


-Stomach aches and pains

-Rashes and general body aches and pains

-Gynecological health

-Injuries to the eye

-Ear infections

-Cuts, burns, abrasions, abscesses, and splinters

-Bites from animals or bugs

-Sport related injuries

There are many other areas where urgent care clinics can be helpful as well. Do not forget you can also take your family to walk in clinics for routine vaccinations, including vaccines for travel, flu shots or school.



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