Injured in a Car Crash? Why You Should Head to a Walk-in Clinic

Injuries are sometimes unavoidable, and anyone who drives a vehicle risks becoming injured due to an accident. While some injuries require emergency care, many people don’t need urgent attention. Here are a few facts about why heading to an Orange Park walk in-clinic is often a better option for those who’ve been injured in an automobile accident.

Thorough Care

Emergency rooms throughout the United States often have long wait times, as the cost of emergency care is high and administrators schedule as few people as possible. Because of this, emergency room doctors typically treat patients quickly and then refer them to non-emergency doctors. By heading to a walk in clinic in Orange Park, patients can expect more thorough treatment, typically without lengthy wait times.

Building Relationships

Emergency care is typically a one-time event, but ongoing treatment is often needed after an injury. By first heading to a clinic instead of an emergency room, you can build a relationship with doctors who will be with you throughout the healing process. In contrast, you’ll likely only see an emergency room doctor once.


After being involved in an automobile accident, people often have to deal with paperwork. Furthermore, disputes with insurers and lawsuits involving other drivers often require obtaining thorough medical records. At an Orange Park walk in-clinic, getting this documentation will often be far easier, and your doctor will have the time to take thorough notes that might become important in the future.

Injuries can rarely be fully treated with a single trip to the doctor. Although it’s critical to receive emergency care for some injuries, many patients can instead skip the emergency treatment stage and head directly to a walk in clinic. Over the long term, doing so can save money and lead to better treatment.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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