Install an Iron Fence in Moreno Valley for Security and Privacy

California homeowners are very concerned about protecting their privacy and staying safe. They want to let their children and dogs play in the yard, without worrying about them running into the street. They also want to know that no one can snatch them. However, they don’t want their landscape to look like a prison yard. A fence contractor can work with them to create a beautiful and functional fence. Many homeowners decide to install an Iron Fence in Moreno Valley.

An iron fence can vary in height from three feet to six feet. It can have an open design that lets people see into the yard or it can be an iron privacy fence. Iron fences can be very simple with vertical iron poles held in place with horizontal iron bars. The poles can be placed closely together to prevent animals from sneaking underneath them. Gardeners will often install three-foot iron fences to showcase their flower beds and to prevent neighborhood pets from getting into them. A six-foot fence with pointed finials can prevent intruders from jumping over them.

Homeowners often have a custom Iron Fence in Moreno Valley designed for their yard. The unique iron pattern can be either consist of soft swirls or bold geometric shapes. It can even incorporate family initials. This work of art will stand up to the weather for many years. Iron fences are low maintenance and always in style. Homeowners who want both the beauty of an iron fence and privacy, can add vinyl panels to the iron fence. Fence designers add the panels so that they fit into the iron design. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors so that it can complement the landscape and house. Because the vinyl never has to be painted, it also requires very little maintenance. If it becomes dirty after a storm, the homeowner can just use a power washer or garden hose to rinse it off.

Fences have to be installed properly to be safe. A professional contractor knows how deep the support poles have to be set into the ground to securely anchor and support the fence. The Mesa Fence Co. is one of the companies in the Moreno Valley that design and install iron fences.

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