Invitation Card Tips and Tricks

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Weddings

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In the frenzy to pick a venue, find a dress, and finalize décor choices, you probably haven’t had a lot of time to think about what invitation cards you want for your wedding. Because your invitation is the first glimpse into your wedding that your guests will see, it is important not to leave the cards up to chance. You should take as much time and consideration deciding on the cards that are right for your personal taste and style. The following tips and tricks can help you in the decision making process.

Match Your Theme

If you have a definite wedding style or theme for your event, matching your invitation cards is a good way to tie everything together. Think about how you want your wedding to look and try to mirror that in the cards that you order. If your event is going to be rustic and outdoorsy, choose an invitation that is similar in style. If you prefer the traditional or more religious look, you can create a card that shows off your unique design choices.

Color Consistency

Many brides choose wedding colors, but don’t seem to regard them when designing their invitation cards. The best way to create a consistent design overall is to use the same colors in all aspects of your wedding. By adding your wedding colors to your cards, your guests will understand the color choice you have made and will see it reflected in your stationary. Sticking with those same colors on your menus, programs, and thank you notes further cements the connection to your event as a whole.

Pick a Font

You want your guests to be able to read and understand the information printed on your invitation cards, so you should choose a font that is beautiful, but still easy to read. Some colors and patterns may make it difficult to read the words on your cards, so make sure to avoid pairing light colored fonts with light backgrounds and vice versa. While some scrolling script fonts are certainly eye-catching and beautiful, they can also be difficult for your guests to decipher. Picking a font that is somewhere in between boring and garish is ideal.

Start Early

No matter what invitation cards you choose to order, it is essential that you get a good start well before your wedding. Your invitations should be sent to guests six to eight weeks before the big day, so you should plan to order them about four or five months out so that you have plenty of time to address them and prepare for mailing.

When choosing invitation cards, you should think about your own personal tastes so that you get what you want. Invitation cards are a great way to mirror your big day and create one cohesive event. To know more Click Here.

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