Is Implant Dentistry in Las Vegas the Best Option for You?

In the past, when a dental patient with many missing teeth needed a replacement, dentures were the best option. The cost made them affordable for most patients. However, there are lots of drawbacks associated with these dental appliances. For one thing, the dentures must be removed each day and cleaned. For many wearers, they feel awkward and uncomfortable. Today, Implant Dentistry in Las Vegas may be a better option to replace missing teeth.

Implants are firmly secured into the jawbone of a patient, so they never have to be removed. Because they are made of titanium, these fake teeth are quite strong, and with care, these never need to be replaced. Because of the stability, it makes it easier for the patient to speak clearly and to chew food. The teeth look like real teeth, and act just like them as well.

The confidence gained from these appliances can make a person feel much better. With dental implants, there is no longer a reason to fear discovery that the teeth will be found to be fake, which is often the case with dentures and bridges. The appliances of the past sometimes left sore spots in the mouth of the wearer. Inflammation is a common complaint. This does not occur with dental implants Las vegas.

The use of dental implants also keeps a healthy amount of jawbone in the patient’s mouth. Bone dissolves away in areas where teeth go missing, and these results in a sunken-in, hollow look. It also makes denture fitting more difficult over the years. Because implants are fused with the jawbone, this problem will not occur.

Dental implants may not be covered by insurance, so be prepared to pay for them out of pocket. Most dentists will work with patients for payment options, including credit plans. When considering the cost of implants, it is helpful to keep the benefits in mind. For one thing, this is a lifetime investment. Other than regular dental care, there will be no others needs for the implants over the years. Plus, the effects on relationships and day-to-day living are an investment in a better quality of life.

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