Items Needed to Declare Bankruptcy and Get Relief from Creditor Harassment

Debt is a looming problem that can affect every aspect of your life. When the debt hits a collection agency, the intrusions can become an endless cycle. While, ideally, you want to take care of these debts, it isn’t always possible due to a lack of funds. In some cases, the only choice in the case is to declare bankruptcy. So, here are some of the things you need to help you get the creditors off of your back.

One of the things you need when declaring bankruptcy to Get relief from creditor harassment is a list of all of your credit bills. This information is important because it identifies the amount that is being charged as well as the creditor’s information. You will need to include all of the bills that you have to see if they are able to be discharged as a part of the bankruptcy.

Another item you need is a list of your household expenses. This includes rent or mortgage payments as well as your grocery bills, water, and electrical bills. Since bankruptcy court recognizes that you need a place to live as well as transportation, you need to provide proof of your living expenses to determine what percentage of your income is dedicated to these expenses.

You also need proof of your income when filing for bankruptcy to Get relief from creditor harassment. This helps to determine the percentage of your living expenses and proof that paying back the debt may not be feasible with your current income requirements. You will need several months of pay stubs. If you are unemployed, you may need to provide bank statements or unemployment checks to help you with your claim. You may also need copies of past tax returns to help prove our statements.

While filing for bankruptcy to help with debt is a means of last resort, it will help you to avoid future harassment from creditors. Once bankruptcy is declared, the creditors are no longer allowed to make collection attempts for the debt. But, it is important to have all your paperwork on hand so that you can get relief from the creditors through this system.

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