It’s Never too Early to Plan your Career

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Business

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Whether you’re planning what subjects to take for GCSE or you’re in sixth form at school, have just started college or are mid-way through your degree at university, it’s never too early to begin planning your career. There is so much competition for every job vacancy on the market nowadays that it helps to be organised and know where you want to be in life.

Get Online

There are many resources available online that can help you decide on the perfect Career or Jobs in Wiltshire. You’ll find personality and skills tests available on a variety of websites (but try to choose reliable ones aimed at professionals seeking work). By using these tests, you can discover what you enjoy doing and then apply this to your future career plans. For instance, if you’re good with people, are caring and have a strong stomach and an interest in health, you might want to become a nurse or doctor. If you enjoy being busy, dealing with people and working towards goals, a career in sales or retail could be for you! Remember, a huge chunk of your time will be spent at work, so you should try to find a job you enjoy which will also challenge you.

Seek Advice

Your school, college or university is likely to have a careers advisor, who will be happy to talk through your options and offer advice on the subjects you should take at school or to degree level. Whilst it can be worthwhile taking vocational subjects (if, for example, you want to become a lawyer), many people opt for broad-spectrum degrees such as English and media studies, which equip graduates with transferrable skills that can be applied to most entry-level roles.

Pick Subjects Wisely

Remember that the subjects you pick at A-Level will affect your further education and career. Whilst you should pick subjects that interest you and that you’re good at, it’s important to consider your future Career Jobs Wiltshire and choose subjects which are appropriate for the career or course of study you plan to follow. If you’re unsure what you want to do when you leave school or university, opt for a broad range of subjects and try to include at least one European language.

Study Hard

Remember that for many undergraduate courses, you’ll need at least a few A-Levels with good grades. College courses operate a less-strict entrance policy, but you should try to study for the best grades you can get, to further your chances of success! When you finish school or university, it’s worth looking around your local area to find a recruitment agency that specialises in the sector of work you’re interested in – these experts have a wealth of knowledge and contacts at their fingertips and can help you to find your dream job!

It’s never too early to begin planning your career and with all the resources available nowadays online and at your place of study, it has never been easier to carve out a path for yourself.

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