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The plumbing in your home is a complex series of fresh water pipes and drainage lines. While they seem to be a very strong system, it takes very little to actually damage them. This is especially true with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes. There are many ways that your Plumbing in Baltimore MD can fail. For instance, you can get a clog in the pipe traps or the fresh water supply might develop a leak. The pipe traps are those U or S shaped parts that are usually seen under the counter. Most drain systems use PVC in these areas because it is a low cost, but effective, method of drainage control. Unfortunately, PVC can be easily broken if the repair isn’t handled properly.


Detecting a leak might seem like an easy job, but some leaks don’t leave a visible sign until it’s too late. This occurs when the pipes are hidden inside walls or under foundations. To locate these leaks an expert at plumbing services in Baltimore will make use of acoustic tools to locate the problem. They listen for variances in sounds to determine where water is dripping or if pipes are tapping inside the wall. This method of detection is surprisingly effective and fairly accurate which helps to reduce the cost of the repair.

Not all plumbing services in Baltimore MD problems are inside the home. When the sewer line gets clogged, the plumber may need to do a little digging to access the pipe. Some sewer lines have vents or access covers that let the plumber clean them out, but in other cases the plumber may need to remove the toilet to clear the clog. The tool that is used for this job is the pipe snake or rooter. This is a flexible cable with an attached auger that is designed to pierce the problem.

In some cases the sewage problem may not be a clog, but a broken pipe instead. Sewer pipes can crack from age or stress and this allows dirt to enter the pipes. A break in the pipes can also allow roots to grow into the pipe and block the flow of sewage. Your plumber can determine these problems by examining the pipes with a video tool. This is essentially a camera on a rooter. A thorough examination can determine if the pipe is repairable or whether it will need replacement.

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