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by | Oct 9, 2013 | Dentistry

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When you have a warm friendly smile, you can become a newer, stronger person. If you have dental caries, or darkened or missing teeth, it is hard to bring up a smile. Dr. Douglas E. Idema and his staff in Sioux Falls SD understand that situation. They are a team of caring individuals who want to help all of their patients get the treatment they need to have that great smile. The Dental Offices in Sioux Falls SD have many steps to keep your teeth at their best. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure healthy teeth. The Hygienist can check to make sure you are cleaning and flossing correctly, and note any problem areas and help get those corrected. If necessary, there are several different Teeth Whitening procedures available to freshen up those teeth. If the dentist notices that your natural teeth just do not have the sheen that they once might have had, then the Cosmetic Dentistry in Sioux Falls SD team rolls up their sleeves and comes up with new plans. This might well include some Porcelain Veneers that will cover your natural teeth and your smile will shine like the sun!

It used to be very difficult to go to the dentist, it was thought to be a place of pain. However, times have changed, and dentistry is very comfortable. Very few people would ever say that they feel any discomfort at the dentists office. We have dentists like Dr. Idema to thank for that. When necessary, they are able to use nitrous oxide to help sedate a patient who needs it. You can be certain that you will not be chastised for coming with cavities, or teeth not clean enough. The staff at the Dental Offices in Sioux Falls SD are people who first care about you and your concerns, and then second work to meet those concerns. You will be made to feel important, because you are.

For an appointment, call (605) 336-0786. You will get a discount if you pay cash. If you do not have the money to pay cash, the office staff will be glad to help you get signed up with Care Credit so that you can arrange a payment plan. If you are looking for a bright smile from a compassionate staff, call Dr. Idema’s office in Sioux Falls, SD.

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