Lawn Maintenance: How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter

Your lawn can have a hard time in the winter. Grass is not very delicate, and can usually survive in difficult weather conditions. However, Needham has its share of black ice and blizzards, high winds and thaw. The winter can be unpredictable. Such extreme weather conditions can be cruel to your lawn.

In some places further up north, turf is usually allowed to lie until spring. Winter conditions are too hostile to  the growth of grass there. However that is not always the case down south.

In many places in the south, the lawn grass will become dormant against the cold. If it’s not too cold, then lawns are often overseeded with rye grass that can survive in cool weather. This can help to maintain a green lawn even in winter.

Whatever the situation, the grass has to be protected to make sure that it grows back well in the spring. There are some measures that homeowners can take to help their lawn make it through the winter with as little damage as possible.

Tips to protect lawns

1.Cleaning the lawn is important. Don’t leave leaves and debris out, they can smother your grass and make it vulnerable to diseases. Mice and rodents can be attracted by the debris as well.

2.If you leave your grass too long, it can smother itself. If the grass is too high, it can be vulnerable to the damage cause by thawing and freezing. So when you mow your lawn for the last few times, lower your mower’s height by a notch or two. On the other hand cutting it too short can expose it to weathering as well. So be careful.

3.Make sure that there is only so much traffic on your frozen lawn, as it can handle. If there is too much traffic, there are chances the grass won’t grow back well in the spring.

4.Keep your eye on the weather conditions. Usually grass is very sturdy and can tolerate cold winters. But extreme conditions can be harmful. If the forecast predicts a storm, chip away some of the ice that is exposed.

Winters are difficult to predict. They can cause extreme conditions to prevail upon your lawn. It is therefore important to follow the above tips for lawn maintenance. Needham MA has professionals that can help you prepare it for harsh winters. You yourself can keep your lawn clean, let the grass harden, maintain the correct height and preserve it from disease and freeze.




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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

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