Lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI Represent Clients in Premises Liability Cases

A personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI may handle numerous cases classified as premises liability incidents. Unsafe conditions at the premises can lead to a serious accident, such as slipping and falling. These incidents are generally due to negligence by the property owner or a person in charge, such as a building manager or a shift manager.

Inadequate Security

Inadequate security is an example of negligence. For instance, owners of swimming pools are required to keep them secured so that, for instance, neighbors’ children cannot easily trespass and risk being injured in the pool. Large apartment complexes are expected to keep entry doors locked. Otherwise, if an intruder walks in and assaults a tenant, that tenant may have a premises liability case.

Icy Pavement

When someone slips and falls on an icy parking lot or sidewalk, this also typically is a premises liability incident. The property owner or a shift manager should have the problem promptly addressed to prevent any accidents.

Important Considerations

However, a personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI knows that the case must be based on negligence. A parking lot with some small patches of ice may not be exceptionally dangerous since those areas can be avoided by pedestrians. If someone slipped and fell while texting on the phone, it may be difficult to prove the property owner was responsible.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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