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Iris flowers are a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape because they offer a variety of colors and varying sizes. They grow on thin stems and have tell-tale green leaves that give them their distinct look. It is important to ensure the bed in which you will plant your iris flower bulbs is specially prepared since they prefer soil that is loose and able to drain well.

Ideal Conditions

Irises grow the best in areas of full sun. This typically means areas with at least six hours of constant sun, but more is always better. In addition, they require well drained soil and little watering. This means you should avoid planting your bulbs next to annuals that require frequent watering because the water will eventually be absorbed by the irises, causing them to fail.

When to Water

Because irises require a precise amount of water, it is essential to know exactly how and when to water them. When you first plant the iris bulbs, they need an extensive amount of water. This is necessary to help the roots get established. Care should be taken not to over water or under water, which can seem quite tricky to the novice gardener. You should continue the consistent watering for around the first month of planting; then you can water sparingly, typically every other week, unless there is an intense period of dry weather.


It is easy to care for irises since they are a hardy plant. For the gardener who does not have a lot of time to spend in the garden, this flower is a great choice. Occasional weeding and removal of the dried up leaves are all it takes to keep them happy. This enables the air to properly circulate around them. Once they are fully bloomed, you can cut the stalks as close to the ground as possible to encourage them to grow again.

Choosing perennial flowers for your garden is the perfect way to enhance your garden year after year with little work after you plant the initial iris bulbs. These beautiful flowers are available in a variety of colors, including neutral whites and yellows, as well as bolder colors, such as maroon or purple. The addition of these flowers makes it possible to make a dramatic statement in your garden with little work required to keep them looking beautiful.

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