Learn More About The Four Types Of Braces Available In Cypress

Having straight teeth is usually preferred, even though you have to suffer through slight pain and annoyance due to braces in Cypress. However, there have been many new advancements that allow you to have traditional metal, ceramic, invisible or even lingual options, to make it less painful and embarrassing. If you have been told that you need these services, you should consider all your options carefully before making a decision.


Lingual options are usually made with metal, but they fit and bond to the backs of the teeth, which don’t show as much on the outside. While most people would prefer metal brackets on the inside, these options do have disadvantages. They rarely work well for those with small teeth and can make speech and eating difficult. While all braces in Cypress will require practice to learn to live with them, lingual options require even more.

The biggest disadvantage is cost, because they can be placed only by a skillful orthodontist. While many orthodontists can perform the procedure, most do not wish to do so because there are many problems associated with them.


Metal options are typically the most common because they are the least expensive. Clearly the biggest disadvantage is that they are extremely visible and cannot be made invisible. They can also be extremely irritating to the gums and will require a lot of visits to tighten and loosen them, which can be somewhat painful. If you choose this option, you will likely have to stop eating some foods, such as gum, caramel and very hard foods.


Ceramic braces are definitely becoming more popular because they are made to match the color of the teeth. For those who can afford the added cost of ceramic options, they can be more appealing the metal ones. The ties in between the braces can be clear elastic or white metal to help blend in with the teeth even more.

The problem with the clear or white ties is that they can easily be stained, meaning they will be more noticeable. However, the ties are changed when the braces are adjusted, which is typically every month, so this may not be much of a problem.


Invisible options are clearly the most common choice among those who can afford them. They are usually custom-fitted aligners that are removed for brushing the teeth and eating, making them less painful and less embarrassing.

If you require braces in Cypress, it is important to learn about the different options available to you and then visit Finesse Orthodontics, as they offer metal, ceramic and invisible options.

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