Learning About Cleaning Terrazzo Surfaces

Terrazzo is a composite material made of pieces of marble, quartz, granite or glass, joined with resin or cement. Common in office buildings, airports and other public places for its durability and looks, but it is also used in homes. While low maintenance, cleaning terrazzo requires special cleaning products and periodic maintenance in order to maintain terrazzo’s good looks.

Choosing a Cleaner

The National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association recommends using only neutral pH cleaners, noting that any cleaner with a pH between 7 and 10 is neutral. Avoid generic cleaning products, or any cleaner containing oil, sand, crystallizing salts, alkali or acids. Neutral cleaners will be labeled as such, and will display a pH value on the package.

Process for Cleaning Terrazzo

Terrazzo floors should be swept daily with soft bristles to remove dirt, dust and debris. Mix your neutral cleaner and water in a scrubber bucket, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Scrub the surface immediately after cleaning. Wet your mop or rag in the bucket and then lightly twist it. Pass it over the floor or counter, letting the liquid remain on the terrazzo for several minutes; neutral cleaners require time to dissolve dirt, but not so much time that they dry. Dry mop or rag the neutral cleaner to remove it; squeeze the mop or rag well, and continue, squeezing it out as it absorbs the cleaner.


When cleaning terrazzo you do not need a special rinse aid to brighten it, since the residue of the neutral cleaner provides a natural sheen. Over time, a slight residue builds up after cleaning. Polish the residue to shine your floors or counters naturally. After you have cleaned it, run a buffer (or buffing rag, for smaller surfaces) in small circles over the surface according to the manufacturer’s instructions to bring out the luster of your terrazzo surfaces. For more information on caring for your terrazzo surfaces, contact Trend Terrazzo at 866 508-7363. They have been supplying homes and businesses with stunning terrazzo for over 15 years and are pros in its installation and maintenance.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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