Light Up More Efficiently With LED Lighting

LED light bulbs provide more efficient lighting than traditional bulbs, helping you enjoy brighter light better. What makes LED light bulbs so unique? The most notable advantage these bulbs have over traditional lighting is their long life. Unlike regular lights, LED lamps provide more than 50,000 of consistent energy. As a consumer that translates into cost savings. These lights also consume far less heat, reducing the risk of fire hazard associated with lamps left on for long periods of time.

Facts about LED Lighting

More consumers are using LED lighting as a replacement for traditional bulbs. Simply replacing burnt bulbs with new LED lamps can result in tremendous cost savings, particularly if your habit is leaving lights on during the day. These bulbs burn using less energy all while providing more brightness. While these lights can burn up to 50,000 hours, most traditional lights burn up to 2,000. Fluorescent bulbs will go 30,000 compared to 8,000 to 10,000 in a traditional bulb. Over time LEDs gradually begin to fade, letting you know when the time comes to replace them instead of simply burning out. If you have pets or children, LED Lighting Winnetka is ideal, because these lights are cool to the touch, preventing burning. For long-term lighting around carpeted areas, LED can also present less of a fire hazard.

Size, Colors and Shapes

One of the biggest advantages of these bulbs is the many sizes and shapes LEDs come in. LEDs can be very small or large to meet your needs, ranging in size from 3mm to 8mm or more. You can use a single bulb, or strings of lights together depending on your unique interests and needs. Create a dazzling display or use single lighting in a small space to maximize energy efficiency. LEDs are far superior to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Light does not get dispersed in multiple directions, but is rather targeted to the area in which the lighting is placed. LEDs are most commonly associated with holiday lighting, but can also be used for displays, for landscaping, in a room to set off a study area, and as overhead or standard lighting. Change the ambience of a room by mixing up colors and shapes, and enjoy efficient and lasting lighting.

Current Electrical Contractors, Inc. provides LED light bulbs in a wide arrange of colors, sizes, and shapes to meet your ever need and expectation.

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