Lightning Protection Systems for Residential and Commercial Use in the US

When lightning strikes, it creates a power surge that has the potential to damage your electrical system within seconds. Since lightning is an electrical charge made when the clouds rub against each other, when it finds a good conductor, it can flow into your home and cause massive damage. That is why you should invest in a lightning protection system that arrests the charge and directs it to the ground.

This system mainly involves a metal rod that protrudes from the building’s roof and acts as the first point of contact. The rod transmits the power through an earth wire to the ground, removing it from all electrical conductors. When lightning strikes a building without a protection system, it creates a power surge that can short-circuit your home’s wiring and the connected devices.

Since the charge is significantly higher than your standard supply, it simultaneously blows the circuit breakers and electronics. Whether you own a residential or commercial building, investing in this system will save you thousands of dollars. You will avoid the expenses of unit replacement and electrical rewiring, which set you back from your savings project. Lightning also has the potential to cause a fire, which poses another risk to the lives of those in the building.

Nevertheless, with a quality lightning protection system, you can enjoy peace of mind even during storms. The manufacturers ensure that their products can contain any amount of power. They also give warranties to guarantee the quality of their items. You can always contact them for a replacement or compensation if you find something defective.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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