Litigation is Expensive! Litigation Funding is the Solution!

Litigation costs can rack up quickly and leave you tapped. Many people lose their case not because their case is not valid but because they run out of funding to continue the case. Litigation funding offers a solution for many different types of cases and allows you to develop a winning strategy free of financial constraints.

Is it Right for You?

Both law firms and litigants can find this type of funding source a very useful option. The process is relatively simple and in some cases the funding fee is provided as a no-recourse option. For law firms:

  • The funding is spread out across 3 cases and is repaid when the case is settled
  • This is a no recourse agreement.
  • Gives your firm that funds that allow more focus on representation

For the litigant

  • Wide range of funding options
  • Gives you the ability to have appeal funding

Of course, there are caveats in every funding situation like no funding for personal injury cases, discrimination and malpractice suits. There are eligibility requirements as well like for commercial funding:

  • The request must exceed $1,00,000,000
  • The damages must exceed $10,000,000
  • The litigation must have a strong chance of succeeding

The types of cases considered for funding:

  • Commercial funding
  • Whistleblower funding
  • Bankruptcy funding
  • Appeal funding
  • Law firm financing

There is a wide range of cases that can be considered for funding if the basic criteria are met. The best way to find out if litigation funding is right for your matter is to turn to a trusted source that has experience in this type of funding. Gathering more information will help you to decide if this is something that can further your case and provide you with the support that you need.

The Solution

Funding drives the success of litigation. Having ample funding allows focus on the litigation and support of the case. It also allows sharing of the risk. The risk is shared among the litigant the law firm and the funding source. It is an easy way to get the funding you need while also reducing the financial risk to the firm and litigant. Getting the right funding can improve the outcome of a case and relieve much of the financial burden associated with it. Bentham IMF is the experienced funding source that can help to provide the funding that is needed for a full range of cases.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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