Living in a Senior Assisted Living Westchester

The process of aging is unstoppable; as long as we keep living we will grow old. As we enter this part of our lives it is more than likely we will need to be assisted in some kind of way. There are some who are fortunate enough to be able to continue to live a productive independent life free of assistance. For the others that do need help and do not want to become a burden on their family members there are places that specialize in Senior Assisted Living Westchester. The residents at these locations will be provided with the necessary care that is needed while still keeping their independence. There are also people who are in pretty good health but still live in a Senior Assisted Living facility for the convenience of the services they provide to their residence.

The Senior Assisted Living Westchester facilities are staffed with people that have experience with working with the elderly and are compassionate and knowledgeable about their needs. These facilities have physicians to attend to the residents with medical issues and twenty four around the clock on duty nurses. Dentists are there to provide dental care, podiatrists for foot care and x-ray technicians are all part of the staff at these Senior Assisted Living In Westchester locations. They are also staffed with orderlies to assist the residents with any mobility issues. For the safety of the residents and the staff these locations are on one level for easy evacuation and medical emergency transport.

The residence at these facilities receives three meals per day prepared by the staffed dietitian. They have access to local telephone calls and cable or satellite television. Some of the amenities in the living quarters include a refrigerator and a microwave. They will receive assistance with showers if needed and fresh linens delivered to their room every day, along with housekeeping services and trash removal. Numerous daily activities such as cards, bingo, games, church services and even planned outings. There are also shuttle buses that come to the locations to transport the residence to shopping locations such as the grocery store.

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