Look For These Signs That Signal You Need A Pittsburgh PA Structural Engineering Team To Stabilize Your Foundation

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Foundation problems can cause serious damage to your home and your foundation will continue to deteriorate until you have it stabilized. A qualified Pittsburgh PA Structural Engineering team can come to your house, expertly repair your foundation and put an end to your worries. Below you will learn the signs of serious foundation issues.

* Water in your basement is a sure sign that your basement has cracks in the walls. You may notice puddles of water on your basement floor and dampness along cracks in the walls. If you have carpeting in your basement, look for wet spots on the carpet. If your basement walls or floors are painted, cracks in the paint is another sign to look out for. Mold and mildew are abundant in damp areas and if you spot any in your basement, then moisture is getting through. A musty odor in your basement or on items that you have stored in your basement is caused by mildew. If you notice that your basement walls are crumbling, then your foundation is being compromised.

* Inspect your basement walls for any movement or bowing. The soil next to your foundation can place pressure on your basement walls and cause them to push inward toward the center of your basement. Until you have this issue fixed, the soil will continue putting pressure on your walls and your walls will push in even more. When this happens, your house is no longer stabilized on the foundation and your house could eventually collapse.

* In addition to inspecting your basement for problems, your house will also provide clues to a bad foundation. Look for cracks around your windows, doors, walls and ceiling. If you notice that some of your interior doors are sticking and they’re hard to open and close, this is another sign that your foundation has shifted.

Engineered Foundation Solutions PLLC can help you with your foundation issues. A qualified structural engineer can inspect your foundation and recommend a solution to your structural problems. In addition to foundation stabilization and basement wall repair, this Pittsburgh PA Structural Engineering company also offers waterproofing services. Having your basement waterproofed by a qualified engineer will prevent water from leaking into your basement and eventually causing damage to your home.

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