Looking for In-Home Care for an Elder with Alzheimer’s

While it is true that most people with Alzheimer’s are typically age 65 or older, it should not be thought of as a normal part of aging. It is a progressive disease with no cure at this time. It is a heartbreaking disease, but you can help your loved one to lead as normal a life as possible by hiring Alzheimer’s in-home care in Union County, NJ. There are several reasons why in-home care can be crucial and how it can better their quality of life.

Customized Plan of Care

You are the person who knows your loved one the best, but if you hire an in-home caretaker, he or she will get to know your loved one almost as well as you do. They will create a plan of care that is as unique as the patient that will take into account what symptoms are currently present and then modify it as the disease progresses. Depending on what stage of the disease your loved one is currently at, you can choose to have a caretaker for an hour a day up to one being present for 24 hours.


Since this disease can cause memory loss and confusion, having someone to watch over the patient can bring you great peace of mind. With a qualified caretaker, potential risks and hazards can be avoided. He or she is also well-versed in how to calm an agitated patient and will see that medications are given at the right times. It is never easy when the times comes to have to hire in-home care for an Alzheimer’s sufferer, but a licensed caretaker who is specifically trained in Alzheimer’s care can make all the difference in your loved one’s quality of life. The professional and skilled staff at Visiting Angels takes immense pride in providing compassionate care for your loved one and in assisting the family as well.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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