Maintenance of a Flat Roof

Flat roofs can last as long as other roofs if they are maintained correctly. However, many property owners do the costly mistake of overlooking routine repairs and maintenance practices.

Unlike a sloped roof, a flat roof is prone to serious problems such as blistering and splitting. In roof splitting, long cracks appear on the roof due to roof pressure, the collection of water on the roof, and poor design. Roof blistering is all about the collection of air within the roof layers. When the blisters break, water can find its way inside. That is why flat roofing maintenance is very important.

The first tip of maintaining a flat roof is to keep it clean. If your home is near a tree, it is advisable to remove leaves and other debris regularly. If you allow the debris to stay on the roof for a long time, you increase the likelihood of causing damage to the roof. You also do not want tree limbs to fall on the roof. Therefore, check for dead parts on the nearby trees and trim them off. For the safety of your flat roof, consider using a blower to remove trash from the roof.

You need to inspect edge cant strips, vents, and other roof protrusions during annual maintenance. Such places have sharp bends that can cause problems if they open up. Plastic cement is usually a good remedy for such roofing problems. Most flat roof failures and leaks are caused by base flashing. Therefore, repair the lap seams on these parts as well as part of your roof maintenance protocol.

The collection of roof water is another major cause of flat roof failure. Typically, such pools of water should be removed from the roof within 72 hours. Some of the ways of accomplishing this include using automatic siphons and roof drains for ponds at the center of the roof and at the edge respectively.

Heavy snowfall on a flat roof can also cause roof damage. Removing the additional weight is part of the standard roofing maintenance procedures. Damage does not only come in the form of the roof collapsing. Freeze thawing may also attack roof seams and cause cracking.

Annual flat roofing maintenance is not restricted to the exterior; make sure you also check the interior. Water damage is normally indicated as dark spots on the underside of the roof. If you see signs of water damage, you may want to call a roofing maintenance expert for help. The design of flat roofs is complicated and without professional help, you may cause further damage if you attempt to do the entire roofing maintenance yourself.

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