Make An Impression With Embroidered T-shirts

There are some items of clothing that are so iconic that taking the extra time and attention to embroider logos, team information, company names and branding options on the garment just makes perfect sense.

One very nice addition to any company or team collection of gear is embroidered t-shirts. Of course, it is important to carefully select the type of t-shirt, or polo shirt, and to choose a color for the background and the embroidery that will really make a statement.

The most obvious use of embroidered t-shirts, polos, jackets, hoodies and hats is for companies and teams. This is perfect idea because it provides the all-important recognition and quality factor that you want associated with your products, services or group.

Durability and Style

With all types of embroidery for clothing items the advantage of this option, even over high quality screen printing, is evident at first glance. The heavier nature of the actual embroidered text, graphic, logo or design makes it lift up off the fabric to make an immediate impression.

People also recognize the value and style of embroidered images over those that are printed. If you are giving embroidered t-shirts to customers or clients you will see them looking great, even after years of use.

Color Options

Unlike any type of printing, you can choose vibrant, shiny, luminescent types of embroidery thread that almost bring the image, logo, graphic or design to light. By choosing a high sheen type of thread anything that is embroidered will naturally attract and reflect light, adding to eye appeal.

However, even if you choose standard threads, you still have literally hundreds of subtle colors and shades to choose from. With new computerized systems even the most complicated and multi-color and shade pattern can be quickly and accurately reproduced time and time again on all your shirts, hats and even heavier outerwear jackets or sweat pants.

While embroidered t-shirts and other articles of clothing are going to be more costly to produce than any type of printing, it really is a sign of quality, of excellence and of a pride in a company, team or organization. Finding the right company to do your embroidery is important as you want a company with experience, expertise and the up to date equipment to give you the beautiful design that will really add to your team or business advertising campaign.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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