Make Your Wedding Regal With Indian Wedding Cards

Announcing your intentions for marriage and inviting your guests are some of the first steps in the wedding process. Set the tone for your nuptials with bold colors, intricate designs, and quality materials that will be used in your Indian wedding card. Your guests will understand the importance, money, time, and thought that have went into the planning when they receive their ornately crafted card.

Unique Borders

Choose from metallic card stocks, gold foil borders, and different folds like the middle-opening fold to achieve the look you desire. Added touches like the Ganesh ji symbol, tassels, and elegant inserts will make it easy to customize your personal favorites. Grab your friends and family’s attention with intrinsic laser cut patterns, jute cords, and shimmering rhinestones.

Rich Colors

Your Indian wedding card will ‘pop’ with the rich color choices of blues, reds, and vibrant golds. Perhaps you want a rich purple hued card with gold accents in a beautiful laser cut jacket. That would be a stunning choice. You can also select from side-folds, or even jackets that open from the side, allowing your Indian wedding card to be pulled out from the sleeve by an impressive tassel. Center fold cards are split in the middle, with both sides opening to your chosen greetings. Curves, cut-outs, embellishments, and inserts will allow you plenty of opportunities to express yourself.

Special Flourishes

Add in special flourishes like ‘the tree of hope and prosperity,’ gorgeous peacocks with jeweled tails, or elephants — each one symbolizing something special to you and your beloved.

Imagine a jade green card with gold foil initials, damask print patterns, or the names of the couple. Whatever you imagine, Regal Cards has it. Visit us online, and we can help you create the perfect invitation. Advice, selection, quality, and customer service are part of the reason so many people choose us.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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