Massage Therapy in Sioux Falls, SD

Part of the services that may be offered at a chiropractic clinic include Massage Therapy Sioux Falls SD. After all, although chiropractic treatment involves spinal manipulation, the muscles are also part of the interconnected musculoskeletal body systems, and they can be a major source of discomfort. The right kinds of massage therapy can relieve pain, improve posture, and help restore function.

Massage Therapy Sioux Falls SD can relieve pain from head to toe. Just massaging your own temples and directly above the eyes can provide relief at home for headaches as well as sinus pain and congestion. People who work on their feet know the benefits of massaging their feet after work. An inexpensive way to do this is to roll tennis ball under your bare foot. People with pain in their hands from working on a computer keyboard all day can take a golf ball and roll that between their hands to really press in on the tender area between the thumb and forefinger and loosen up the cramped hand muscles.

If a first time massage client is uncomfortable at the idea of receiving Massage Therapy Sioux Falls SD, there are some massage therapists who don’t even use a massage table at all. They have a special chair that a person can sit in, fully clothed. The chair supports your arms and forehead so you can lean forward slightly and relax, and the massage therapist can work on the tight knots in the neck and shoulders. In fact, there are employers who occasionally bring in this type of massage therapist as a treat for their employees. Employees can quickly go one at a time for a 15 minute session, with minimal disruption for the workplace.

Massage Therapy Sioux Falls SD is a beneficial form of holistic treatment. Massage therapy, even in a series of half-hour sessions, is still much less expensive than treatment at a medical clinic. That is not to say that massage therapy is a replacement for medical care, but there are situations in which it is perfectly fitting by itself, and other situations in which it complements traditional medical care very well.

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