Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA Allow People in Wheelchairs to Continue Using a Multi-Story Home

Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA are available for people who now must use a wheelchair for the long term due to disease or an injury. They may not want to move out of their multi-story home or be confined to one floor of the house. Stair lifts provide a solution so this person isn’t prevented from going to a bedroom, TV room or hobby room on the second floor.

Continuing to Live Independently

Many people who must move about by wheelchair live independently or close to it. Someone may be relatively young when the disabling event occurs. There may be no need to move to assisted living if the home is made more accessible, such as with equipment like Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA. There may be a spouse, and there may be kids still living at home who can help out as needed.

Ability to Fit Most Staircase Styles

It does not matter whether the staircase is curved or whether there is a landing where the lift must turn and continue moving. Products provided by a company such as McArdle Surgical can manage a variety of stairway designs. Some equipment has weight limits, so that information must be given to the company before installation. Standard stair lifts support up to 250 lbs., but other products support twice that amount.

More Possibilities When Deciding to Move

If the family ever does decide to move, being able to have a chair lift installed offers them many more options in their real estate search. They are not limited to a ranch style house, a design not everyone prefers. They can have a two-story home just like they did previously and continue appreciating all the advantages of that floor plan. Increased privacy is one distinct advantage with a multi-story house.

Moving Forward With Life

The initial time after a permanently disabling illness or injury can generate emotions ranging from depression to rage. Being able to have adequate modifications made to the home so the person can continue living as normally as possible is an important step toward acceptance and learning how to be happy again. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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