Modernize the Floors in Your Home With Polished Concrete

If you have been thinking about replacing your old laminate kitchen flooring with something more stylish and durable, it’s time to consider concrete. When your kitchen is outdated, it is a reflection on your entire home, but adding unique flooring such as concrete, can instantly modernize your home. Although you may associate concrete as a material only used for driveways or sidewalks, products such as diamond polishing pads and concrete stain, can give concrete a stunning new purpose.

Why Consider Concrete For Your Kitchen Flooring?

Concrete is extremely versatile as well as durable and is no longer limited to being used solely outdoors. Concrete flooring can be polished with diamond polishing pads and stained to resemble other types of natural materials, such as wood, marble or granite. Other benefits of using concrete in the kitchen include:

*Longer life spans. It is extremely difficult to damage concrete floors and is naturally designed to withstand heavy kitchen appliances, spills and scrapes.

*Cost effective. One of the best benefits of polished concrete for interior flooring is the cost. Concrete is one of the least expensive types of materials available, yet it is now one of the most versatile.

*Environmentally friendly. When choosing materials and products which are environmentally friendly, one of the biggest problems many people have is the cost of “green” materials. Concrete is made with natural materials and is cost effective; it will outlast tile and laminate floors for generations.

*Easy to clean. Concrete flooring which has been polished with diamond floor polishing pads and stained will be resistant to dust and dirt. You do not need any special cleaners, simply use a broom daily and a damp mop once a week to clean the floors; this is enough for them to remain gorgeous for years to come.

*Moisture and mold resistant. Accidents happen in a kitchen, but if spills are not cleaned up right away they can seep under materials such as tile or laminate, which can lead to mold and mildew between the floor and the sub-flooring. Concrete naturally hardens and allows the surface to breathe, without soaking up moisture.

*Breathe better. Polished concrete does not require a toxic coating, adhesives or specialty cleaners, so you and your family will have cleaner, fresher and healthier air.

There is a wide range of colors, polishes and designs which can be added to concrete, so you can have customized flooring for a fraction of the cost of the other options. You also have the power to choose the degree of shine on a concrete floor, simply by using a diamond floor polishing pad in varying grit sizes.

Visit the experts at MB Stone Care Pro for more information on diamond polishing pads for concrete as well as other cleaning and polishing products for your concrete, marble, granite or other stone surfaces.

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