Most Common Types of Investigations in Orange County

Private investigators often come to mind when people think of cheating spouses or illegal activity. However, the world of investigations in Orange County is so much more than these two scenarios. There are many gray areas, and a majority of the time a case involves more than just black and white, clear-cut answers. Here is a rundown of the more common types of investigations that private investigators conduct in Orange County.

Insurance fraud is a very dire concern across the country, and Orange County is no exception. Companies and individuals try, often in vain, to scam insurance companies out of thousands and perhaps even millions of dollars each year. Many investigations in Orange County revolve around insurance filings, claims and investigations to protect insurance companies and to protect the thousands of legally insured people out there from having to pay increased costs as a result.

Product Liability
In the commercial sector, product liability claims are all too common. People report injuries sustained after using certain products and need proof that those injuries were a result of the products themselves. Thus, investigators dig into these product liability claims with fervor, assisting clients in determining the root causes of these injuries and helping them to take steps to file lawsuits against the products’ manufacturers.

Corporate Investigations
Companies often hire private investigators if unexplained illegal or questionable activity is occurring at their companies and they have not the first clue how to investigate this activity themselves. Many companies have investigators on retainer for this very reason, though others will hire them on a case-by-case basis should a need arise. Whether investigating an existing employee or conducting a more thorough criminal check on a prospective employee, these private investigators do their very best to assist their corporate clients.

Civil Cases
Many lawsuits these days involve more than just a clear-cut case of “he said, she said.” Many have grayer areas that need to be further explored, and most of these areas are uncovered by experienced private investigators. Through civil cases involving divorce, alimony and really anything else, investigators often are the X factor in winning a case for their clients.

Asset Search/Recovery
Private investigators often conduct searches involving recovering the assets of a client that perhaps was buried by another party or perhaps was entirely unknown to anyone outside of a particular family. Through asset search and recovery, investigators can conduct searches using insiders and other helpful resources to make their clients happy.

The Bottom Line
At the end of the day, an investigator’s job is to get answers. No matter whether those answers are sought by a municipal agency or a private individual, they are generally found through the truest and most legal means possible. Using state-of-the-art technology and expert surveillance, today’s top private investigators do it all for even their most discerning clients.


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