New Jersey Wedding Photography Prices – How Much Do Your Memories Cost?

After the wedding and honeymoon is over, no one is going to quite remember how your cake tasted, the music played at the reception or even the detailing on the wedding dress. However, with the right photos, all of those memories will be brought to life each time you look at them. Keep these things in mind when the reality of New Jersey wedding photography prices you gather sinks in.

Photography is the Most Critical Wedding Decision

Every couple goes into marriage with aspirations to last a lifetime. So why would you trust your precious memories in the hands of an amateur? Hiring a photographer can be a bit confusing because you will discover that each one has different special packages, products, photo sizes and more. Who is too low or too high? What part of your wedding budget should be spent on photography? The good news is that most New Jersey wedding photography prices can be negotiated. Some photographers will have a la carte options or create special photo packages just for you.

Allocating your Photography Budget

The average money spent on just the wedding coverage alone should be about fifteen percent of your photography budget. This is just the manpower required to take the photos and may not include consultations or other photo shoots separate from the wedding ceremony. Approximately ten percent on accessories for your photo memories is a good baseline as well. The remainder of your budget should be for the actual photos, negatives, digital rights and other items worked out with the photographer.

If a great pictorial of your wedding is important, you might want to consider increasing the money spent on the actual wedding coverage, with perhaps the photographer engaging another colleague to help with those priceless moments that otherwise would not be captured with one person alone. You can likely negotiate New Jersey wedding photography prices to include greater coverage of the ceremony and reception.

Anyone Can Take a Picture

Taking a picture is a no-brainer because everyone has done it at some point. However, truly great memories captured on film and digitally requires great talent. Knowledge of technology, light and shadows and angles all play a part in creating a remarkable photo memory. Take your time in choosing a photographer and review many portfolios until you find one that reflects the vibe you want.

Keep in mind that with New Jersey wedding photography prices, creativity, experience, professionalism, quality customer service and talent are worth it. You are not going to find that with a family friend who is an amateur photo hobbyist.

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