Numerous Services through Knowledgeable Court Reporting Firms

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Law

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Responsible and highly recommended court reporting agencies provide an assortment of functionalities, including delivering transcription, videography, and interpretation services. Clients in the market for top-quality transcriptions, legal video services, or language translations often turn to court reporting agencies for professional assistance backed with extensive combined experience and know-how. Regardless of whether you need video and text synchronization completed for a deposition or an interpreter to bridge the language gap between you and a non-native speaker during a videoconference, the right agency can provide dependable service and useful solutions.

Schedule with Confidence
Working with a skillful court reporting firm leaves room for flexibility, as clients have the option to schedule a court reporter that will travel to work by the hour, day, or perhaps even longer. For example, a transcript of a criminal law trial that’s expected to last for several days may be required. If you’re part of a local organization and travel services aren’t needed, court reporting firms usually offer conference rooms for deposition, arbitrations, mediations, or other meetings. Reporting agencies that are committed to providing accommodating, convenient solutions for their clients are generally more likely to produce the quality products and services you’re looking for.

Videography and Translation
Many court reporting firms are comprised of experienced videographers. Therefore, attorneys often request that a deposition be filmed and transcribed for better analysis. Video and text synchronization simplifies the process of reviewing witness statements, legal proceedings, and other events. Attorneys and litigants are, for example, able to closely assess body language and dialogue for clues that may suggest deception or truth. In addition to expert transcriptionists and videographers, legal interpreters are often employed by court reporting agencies for their extensive understanding of legal proceedings and jargon and ability to speak two or more languages with complete confidence and finesse. Naturally, these abilities can make converting non-native audio recordings into readable texts much easier.

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