Occasions To Send Chocolate Candy Hearts

While many people associate chocolate hearts with Valentine’s Day, many other occasions lend themselves to the distribution of these fun candies. If you want to make someone’s day, take one of the following occasions and send some candy to them with a heartfelt note.


While chocolate hearts will probably not be your primary gift (if you want to stay in good graces anyway) they are a great accompaniment for other gifts. For example, if you have plans to send a gift basket, spill a few chocolate hearts in the basket for color and nibbling later on, especially if you include a bottle champagne and flutes. Perhaps you’re planning a romantic dinner in front of the fire or an afternoon picnic. Spread out the blanket and sprinkle the hearts around for effect. You may also choose to purchase custom chocolate hearts with the date of your wedding imprinted on it or a sentiment like “I’d do it all over again.”

Get Well

Whether your friend or loved one has been in the hospital sick or has just been under the weather, a cheerful sack of chocolate hearts shows they’re loved and cared about. Pretty cellophane bags filled with candy are a great pick-me-up for anyone with a sweet tooth. Attach a mylar balloon to it and use the bag of candy as a weight to hold the balloon in place.


A birthday is a fantastic time to tell someone how much you love them. With candy hearts, you express your feelings in a yummy way. Include candy hearts in a beautiful crystal bowl at the bottom of a vase filled with flowers or included with your beautiful jewelry piece. Candy is also a fun way to decorate the outside of your package, taping the hearts to the top of the box so the recipient can dig into them as soon as they receive their gift. The candy is a delicious way to say “I Love You” without having to actually say the words. Although, your loved one would love to hear the words, too.

When picking out the chocolate flavored hearts for your loved one, don’t go cheap. Instead, choose quality chocolate to show them how much you care. Share them together over a glass of champagne or let your loved one enjoy them later and think happy thoughts about you as they devour them. Visit Chocolate Favor Store for more information.

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