One of Several Beauty Salons in Omaha Features Cinderella Hair Extensions

Are you looking for a new look to go along with your new attitude? Maybe it is time to change up and change your hairstyle. If you are in the Nebraska area, there are Beauty Salons in Omaha, Nebraska that are waiting to take your hair to the next level. Salon Fusion is located in Omaha, Nebraska and provides professional services that include extensions, styling, haircuts and many other options to make you look good. They wish to tell you a little bit about their featured Cinderella Hair Extensions.

The Cinderella Hair Extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths and textures. The hair is 100% Remy human hair, which means that the hair is shiny, healthy and the cuticles lay in the same direction as to prevent tangling and matting. A new set for extensions are about 5 to 7 bundles. Extension lengths range from 8 inches to 24 inches and the time it takes to apply a new set range from 4 to 6 hours. The prices vary according to customization, based on the number of bundles needed, the length of the hair and the amount of time needed for application.

The most popular option is the Bonded Cinderella extension. The bonds act as a type of adhesion, but only wraps the hair rather than actually adhering. This is a safe and healthy option for your hair strand, as when the bonds are finally removed, your own hair is not broken or damaged. The Cinderella bonds will last up to six months if properly maintained.

The Cinderella Hair Extension is just one of many options offered by Salon Fusion. Salon Fusion offers full service hair salon services of Omaha, Nebraska with locations in Lakeside and Eagle Run. They are ready to serve your many needs for hair services, whether it is for a wedding or any other special occasion. Regardless to whether you need your hair colored or trimmed, a trendy style, classic style or traditional, Salon Fusion is equipped to take care of it for you.

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