Options For Replacing Windows In Your Home

Installing new windows in your home doesn’t have to be an expensive job that requires the hiring of a contractor, handyman or other specialist. With the right knowledge and tools, you can enjoy the satisfaction of doing your own window replace in Houston, knowing that you are adding beauty and great energy efficiency to your most valuable asset.

There are a few steps that you should follow to properly install replacement windows in your home. First, you should keep in mind that any window replace in Houston is designed to fit into an existing window frame versus having a space retrofitted for it. You can find windows in a multitude of sizes and dimensions so it is highly likely that you can find windows to fit your home’s specific dimensions. You will also want to select your material of construction. That may be wood, fiberglass, vinyl or even aluminum clad wood or vinyl clad wood.

After you select your material, you will look for the right item for your window replace in Houston. You will choose from full framed window units, insert replacements or what is called a sash kit. The sash kit is the most basic form of upgrade for a window and basically replaces some key moving parts such as a the jamb liners or the sash (hence, the name). Before you opt for the sash kit, you need to ensure that your current window frame is completely square and level. If not, the sash kit will not be able to work for you. An insert replacement is basically a completely assembled window that comes ready to install in its own secondary frame. This style is also known as a pocket window. This fits just inside the current frame and installs by attaching to the existing side jambs. This will result in a slightly smaller area of glass than what you had previously.

The full frame replacement window is akin to the insert replacement except that it requires the removal of the existing frame and then a completely new one being installed. If you have rotted jambs, frames or window sills, this will be your only option. Identifying the scope of your window replace in Houston job will help you determine if you can indeed do it yourself or need expert help. Review these facets first and then make your prudent decision.

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