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Homeowners are often overwhelmed with the choices they have when it comes to the exterior painting of their house. Of course, there is every color of the rainbow available. As well as color, the homeowner must decide on whether to use oil-based or water-based primer and paint. Different applications require different materials. Both oil-based and water-based paints have the pros and cons as well as their preferred applications. Which paint to use depends a great deal on the condition of the material to be painted. Another consideration is what it may have been painted or stained with in the past. Professional painting contractors in Lakewood are the people to rely on. Based on their knowledge and experiences, they are well suited to answer any questions you may have.

Oil-based paints penetrate wood. The material adheres exceptionally well to surfaces. Because of this, oil-based paints tend to last longer, and they dry to a smooth finish. The downside is drying time. Oil-based paints take significantly longer to dry than water-based paints, and they are somewhat more odiferous. Water-based paints are available in latex and acrylic. Mountain Skyline Painting knows both resist fading and are available in a rainbow of colors. The company also knows that water-based paints emit little odor and dry within a matter of a few hours. Although there are technical reasons why one type is better than another, for homeowners, the most significant difference is in clean up. Water-based paints clean up with a little warm water and soap. Oil-based paints require the use of a solvent.

If you are interested in deck staining in Littleton, it is extremely important to choose a high-quality stain. Stains are uniquely formulated for specific applications. If you wish to stain a high traffic area, such as a deck, the material will have to withstand a lot of traffic, more so than many other areas around the home. To ensure long term success, work closely with a knowledgeable painting contractor in Lakewood.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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