Panel-Clips Increase Efficiency and Improve Appearance on Your Projects

When doing a major remodeling or construction job, there are two things that matter tremendously—efficiency and appearance. Efficiency will ultimately determine how much a job costs to complete and how soon you can move on to the next job (and the next paycheck). Appearance will be the ultimate standard on which your work is judged, so it will determine whether or not you have a happy (and possibly repeat) customer, and also serve as an element to attract future business. With the importance of these two facets of your work, it’s interesting to note that they can both be dramatically impacted by something as small as a simple panel-clip.

The Panel-Clip

A panel-clip, also sometimes called a z-clip, is a device that helps fasten acoustical panels, mirrors, frames and other objects to walls. The idea is simple—the clip on the wall faces upward and the clip on the object to be hung faces downward, gravity pulls the two together and locks them, securing the object to the wall. The clips are available in a few different sizes, cleated or uncleated, with or without pre-drilled holes.

Panel-Clips for Efficiency

Using clips can seriously cut down on actual job site install time for many projects, sometimes by as much as 50 percent. The idea is that the panel-clip can be pre-attached to whatever needs to be hung on the wall before you get to the job site. You can prep the job site quickly by just putting up a few clips in the right spots. Now assembly is just a matter of putting the panel or hanging piece in place and letting the clip do the work—there is no need to do face-nailing or complicated installation.

Panel-Clips for Appearance

One of the best features of panel clips in terms of appearance is that they are completely behind the hanging object, out of sight. In other words, if you hang decorative panels, mirrors, or other objects on your walls, there will be no unsightly screws or nails in view. Panel clips also allow you to hang more wall decorations like paintings or photos, even heavy ones, and change them out easily.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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