Parts of a Water Heater

Water heaters are an essential home appliance that provides hot water to any home. Like any other appliance, the water heater is composed of electrical components such as heating elements and wiring. Some of these components can malfunction. The body of the water heater is also something that can deteriorate with age. This can result in a leaky water heater that can certainly cause a mess in your home. Keeping your water heater properly maintained and in good working order can help prevent this from happening. A professional who does water heater repair in Chicago can provide the necessary service and maintenance of your existing water heater or install a new one for you.

Here is some basic information about the components of a water heater that are essential in making sure your water heater functions properly.


Most water heaters have two elements. There is an upper element and a lower element. Some of the smaller water heaters may only have one element. The gas water heaters are designed differently. Those have a burner with a pilot light that must stay lit in order to water to be heated.

Dip Tube

This is where water enters the heater. The water will then flow to the bottom to be heated.


The thermostat is the thermometer of your water heater. It is also where the water temperature can be adjusted. Some of the more modern electric water heaters will have one for each element.

Pressure Relief Valve/Pop-Off Valve

This is a safety device that keeps the pressure regulated inside the water heater.

Heat-Out Pipe

This is the pipe that is toward the top of the interior of the water tank. This is where the hot water comes out of the water heater and into your home.


This is the housing of the hot water heater. It is a heavy metal tank where the interior components are housed. It is also what houses the interior water protective tank where water is stored.

As you can see, there are many different parts to the typical water heater. A professional who does water heater repair in Chicago is who you would notify should you have any problems with the water heater in your home.

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