Patients Save Time with Same Day Dental Crowns Service in Crestwood, KY

It can be hard for dental patients to get the time off of work they need to have a porcelain crown made for a tooth. Traditionally this procedure took two to three visits. If a temporary crown became loose during the process, the patient was required to visit the dentist office again. For people who get paid by the hour this can be a financial hardship. Same Day Dental Crowns Service in Crestwood KY is the perfect solution for these workers.

The dentist begins the Same Day Dental Crowns Service in Crestwood KY procedure by preparing the tooth for a crown in the traditional way. Once it is ground down and it is ready for the crown, the dentist takes a digital photograph instead of an impression. The digitized information is fed into a computer program. That computer controls a milling machine that is in the dentist’s office. Within 25 minutes the machine is able to produce a porcelain crown. The dentist can immediately cement the crown into place.

This time-saving feature can be even more important when it’s part of a Dental Implants Centre in Crestwood KY treatment plan. Implants can be quite a project. During the initial assessment, the dentist may find that the patient does not have enough jaw bone density and mass to hold an implant. If the patient still wants an implant, they will have to endure a bone graft to build up the bone. The jaw then has to heal for about six months. Then in a second procedure the dentist inserts the titanium implant into their jaw. It can take about six months for the jaw bone to fully accept and bond with the implant. At that point a third procedure is sometimes necessary, in order to insert a post that holds the crown in place. After all of this, it’s a benefit for the patient to have the porcelain crown made and attached in only one visit. The Same Day Dental Crowns Service in Crestwood KY makes porcelain crowns that are more aesthetically more pleasing than traditional crowns. The newer crowns are made entirely of porcelain, while the older porcelain crowns were bonded onto metal. This metal often shows at the gumline.

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