Personal Injury Lawyersin Baltimore: Preparing For The Defense

If you have suffered from an injury and you are thinking about hiring one of the personal injury lawyers in Baltimore to file a personal injury law suit, you are going to need to know what kinds of arguments you can expect the defense to throw at you. Preparing yourself and knowing what to expect is just going to strengthen your case because you will seem more confident in yourself when you go to court. Typically, the defense is going to try to argue one of two things. They are either going to argue that you caused the accident or they are going to draw attention to things you did not do after the accident. This could include something like filing a law suit immediately afterwards or not getting medical attention.

Your Role in the Accident

One of the most common arguments that a defense will throw at Personal Injury Lawyersin Baltimore is that their clients played a role in causing the accident. They are going to argue that the accident was either partly or completely your fault. If you are filing a personal injury lawsuit it is because you believe the accident was 100 percent the other person’s fault. If they can prove you were also at fault it would hurt your case tremendously.

Did Not Take The Accident Seriously

The defense’s lawyer is also going to look into whether or not you got medical treatment after the accident. They will also look at how long it took you after the accident to get a lawyer and file a law suit. If there is a gap in time between making these decisions the defense is going to argue that you did not think the accident was very serious at the time. The argument is that if you did not think very much of the accident why should their client have to pay financial compensation?

The best thing you can do for yourself in a personal injury case is just to be completely honest. Trying to lie or fudge the truth to make your case look better is going to end up coming back to bite you. If you truly believe the accident was not your fault you just need to stick to your story.

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