Pharmacy Products for Diabetic Patients in Rancho Palos Verdes

Diabetes causes problems in patients’ feet. They have problems getting the right amount of blood flow into their feet. They also experience nerve damage to their feet, called diabetic neuropathy. Because of these two conditions, they lose feeling in sections of their feet, like just the toes, or lessened sensitivity in the entire foot.

This leaves them vulnerable to getting ulcers, infections, and other foot injuries and yet remain completely unaware of it. Of course, the presence of foot injuries makes them less stable on their feet. By the time the would is discovered, the patient’s doctor may require them to use items of durable medical equipment to help them find stability when standing up and walking.

Pharmacies carry glucose monitors and testing strips for Diabetic Rancho Palos Verdes patients. They also carry support stockings for diabetics. These stockings can go all the way up to just below the knee, and they’re for both men and women. They provide the needed compression support that you don’t find in regular stocks or women’s hosiery, and this compression helps with their poor circulation by encouraging blood flow so it doesn’t pool in their lower extremities. There are also special shoes for diabetics that provide orthotic support, enough room for feet that are misshapen by nerve damage, and stable support from heel to toe.

There are lots of durable medical equipment items that give a Diabetic Rancho Palos Verdes person more stability. There are grab bars that can be installed on either side of the toilet as well as in the bathtub or shower for safety. For getting around, patients can choose from walkers with rubber tips on the walker legs, or they can use the newer design in walkers, the rolling walker.

These are actually a little less “medical” looking, and they have a basket in front to carry a purse or small items. Some models have handles that are almost like the handlebars on a bicycle. These walkers are designed for those who need faster mobility than with a traditional walker, so they have four rubber wheels and hand brakes for safety. These rolling walkers can be used outdoors and indoors, and they can fold up for storage or to carry in the car or on a plane.

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